Responsing to Criticism

A New Response to Anti-Charedi Critics

Rabbi Yehoshua Pfeffer | Sivan 5783 / June 2023

Criticism leveled against Charedi Judaism has recently risen to exceptional tones, in particular concerning Israel's...

Torah and Worldly Life

Towards a Worldly Torah

Eliyahu Levi | Sivan 5783 / June 2023

Separating the Beis Midrash from the worldly spheres of time and space preserved Judaism over...

Community-Welfare Relations

Ensuring Community Welfare

Elisheva Sheur | Iyyar 5783 / May 2023

The widespread and generous assistance provided by Charedi communities to needy families does not obviate...

The Charedi Reform of Regulating Health Professions

Seminary Girls on the Therapist’s Couch?

Orit Joshua | Shevat 5783, February 2023

A reform that would include therapy training as part of the Charedi seminary curriculum has...

Charedim in the Civil Service

Charedim in the Civil Service: Challenge and Opportunity

Rabbi Dr. Yitzchak Trachtengut | Shevat 5783, February 2023

Despite the law requiring their integration, few Charedim are accepted into the civil service. ‎Why...

Wedding Expenses: How Do We Go Forward?

Still Buying Apartments? Private and Public Change Begin at Home

Zvi Silver | Kislev 5783 / December 2022

Initiatives to cut wedding expenses are helpful, but the real financial outrage surrounding ‎marrying off...

Sivan 5782: Sexuality and Sexual Assault

“What They Call Love”—Sexuality in Charedi Society

Rabbi Tzvi Winter | Sivan 5782 / June 2022

Considering how Charedi society can better address sexual assault requires us to have a better...

Tevet 5782: Haredim and Religious Zionism

“For the Sake of Heaven”: On Charedim and Religious Zionism

Rabbi Aryeh Meir | Tevet 5782, December 2021

Historically, religious Zionism has been verboten in the Charedi world. Yet, this ideological exclusion now...

Kislev 5782: The Environment

What is Our Duty Towards the Environment?

Rabbi Benayahu Tvila | Kislev 5782 / November 2021

As a Torah community, we cannot ignore the question of how to steward the world....

Elul 5781: The Charedi Aliyah

The Charedi Aliyah Opportunity

Rabbi Yehoshua Pfeffer | Elul 5781, August 2021

Israeli Charedim are often asked the question: “Why can’t you be more like Charedim abroad?”...

Response Articles

בקרוב: The Charedi DNA

Gershon Porush | Elul 5781, August 2021